We recognize that cultural and logistical differences exist for effective ministry depending upon the context of the country we serve.  Although the founding purposes and essential message of Life Action Ministries are the same throughout the world, we are sensitive to the differences between nations.  We conduct Life Action ministry events in North America, Latin America, Africa, Asia and Europe, all with their own unique set of circumstances.


Our ministries share resources, vision, ideas, personnel, and opportunities whenever it is practical to do so, and even more importantly, we share the same “DNA” – our heart for spiritual renewal in the church, which would prayerfully lead toward a spiritual awakening in the wider culture.  We pursue these ends together because we are all committed, as brothers and sisters in Christ, to the global fulfillment of the Great Commission!


As you interact with Life Action, you may occasionally run across resources that seem specific to either Canada or the USA (or to other places).  This may occur if you request resources, receive emails or printed material, or attend an event from one organization or the other.  If you ever have questions about this, or need clarification on any resource, appeal, or opportunity, feel free to contact our Canadian office team at (705) 760-5456.


In addition to the resources and events offered by Life Action Canada, we encourage you to utilize and engage with various opportunities from our international partners.  Here are just a few!


Life Action Church Event Teams  (contact our office for information on upcoming tours)

Life Action Family Camp  (located in Southwest Michigan)

Revive Our Hearts  (a publications, conference, and media ministry for women)

Aviva Nuestros Corazones (the Spanish language outreach of Revive Our Hearts)

The Lodge  (marriage and pastoral retreat center in Southwest Michigan)